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It was refreshing.

I have created many websites, and I confess that sometimes I have used templates without adding much to them. Then I heard about TheGrid and two thoughts came to me: 1) Great. AI has just gobbled my job up. and 2) I should try this AI stuff out for myself, if only to stay ahead of the curve. Last night I finally got around to using TheGrid and it was refreshing: you basically just throw content at the canvas like a website version of Jackson Pollock and the canvas sorts it and makes it look smashing and modern; like a Jackson Pollock painting.

So it turns out that the decision to move to TheGrid was a good one. So here is the good news and the bad news:
1) you don’t really need me if you want something straightforward online
2) you may need me to do some heavy lifting if you want TheGrid site to be integrated with other services online, like Typeform.
There will still be a need for WordPress and all the other stuff where you want full control over everything.
For those times when you are happy to relinquish a little control TheGrid will help you put your best foot forward in next to no time.
Any catch? Well, TheGrid is just coming out of “beta”, and that means that the code is still being refined. The resulting code on your page may create a website that is a bit slower than it would be if it were created on Squarespace. When I created on Squarespace in 2012 I’d been using Squarespace for around 5 years. Over the last decade or so Squarespace has grown, massively, and they have a lot of staff to tweak the code for you. Their customer base has exploded too. I will still be recommending Squarespace for many sites, but perhaps not everything.

I fully expect that the code on this new site will get faster, without my direct intervention. If it does not get faster over the next year or so I will most likely return to Squarespace. In the meantime, TheGrid is a great experiement on the direction the web needs to go.

It’s fast, and for the most part, it is smart.

I am trying out a new platform this week (17/10/2016). In the meantime this site may look a little peculiar because I am sharing the design job with Artificial Intelligence.